Our Story

Orlando Artist Cherrah' Johnson

Beaux Studios is the workshop of Orlando designer, Cherrah' Johnson

From the Midwest but raised in a big family in sunny S.W. Florida, Cherrah grew up with a mom who loved antiques and shared the fun of searching and finding special items with her.  

Using money from babysitting jobs, she would bike to the local cluster of antique shops near her riverfront home & buy lace tableclothes, napkins, and estate jewelry.  Wearing those funky pieces in high school, she figured that standing out a bit was the best kind of normal.  

With a degree in advertising & branding, she spent 15 years thrilled to develop creative retail merchandise & advertising campaigns.   Taking a step aside to follow a dream, she let her jewelry designing part-time 'hustle' become a full time endeavor and opened the Orlando stores in 2014.  With the addition of an ever changing curated line of feminine bohemian clothing, the physical spaces are meant to evoke something very special. 

Creative people often dream to have a quiet space to spread their materials and just MAKE.  Whether it's painting or digital art... or jewelry.  This imaginary space to be creative is what we evoke with our stores and pop-up shoppes.  An uber feminine urban work-space where the artist can entertain friends, stay up until all hours, dive into a passionate project, and enjoy the fruits of a live intentionally lived.   Surrounded by all of their exquisite finds... beautiful crystal and silver, heirloom furniture mixed with flea-market treasures... this is our dream  space. 

All of our jewelry has one common thread... something in each piece is both faceted or has a sparkle... and is mixed with something rough or unfinished.  This is intentional & shares our idea that as individuals, we are each a mix of both perfect / imperfect, sparkled / rough, finished / unfinished.  It's in realizing the peace and perfection in our inherent contrast that we find authenticity of character. 

We are growing and looking for just the right retail partners to carry our line, send a message to inquire.  art@beauxstudios.com 


We travel all over the US with our Beaux Studios boho pop-up shop.  Check here for our schedule.